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Someone You Know

An Unforgettable Collection of Canadian True Crime Stories

by Catherine Fogarty

Someone You Know takes you into dangerous territory—behind closed doors where family, friendship and love can ultimately turn fatal

Someone You Know is an anthology of twelve unforgettable Canadian true-crime stories by Story Hunter podcast producer, host and writer Catherine Fogarty. Each story reveals the haunting truth and statistical reality that a person is more likely to be murdered by someone they know than by a stranger. And while “stranger danger” is often the stuff of our nightmares and Hollywood horror films, sometimes those who are closest to us are even more dangerous than strangers.

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“GREAT Listen! I loved this podcast. So engaging from start to finish. Truth is stranger than fiction! The narrator does an amazing job – I was spellbound and wound up binging the entire production over two evenings. A definite must for for fans of true crime or anyone who enjoys a good story well told.”

“Great podcast! Clear, concise and very informative. Highly recommend.”

“Most Entertaining! Wow, what a great podcast. the quality and sound story are so rich. I’m addicted.”