A Sister’s Love: The Murder of Lynne Knight

A Sisters Love

Episode 1

When a young Canadian nurse is brutally murdered in a suburb of Los Angeles in 1979, the police are baffled by what the killer has left behind – a homemade garotte used to strangle the victim. They are certain the unique weapon will lead them to her killer. But without any other evidence the case eventually goes cold.

Years go by and a family in Stratford, Ontario is left to mourn their beautiful daughter, but the victim’s sister is not willing to let a vicious killer escape justice even if she has to write to the President of the United States.

Finally, a cold case team re investigates the murder and reexamines that unique homemade weapon. Fresh eyes find new evidence and the suspected killer is arrested and charged. But thirty-five years later can a jury be convinced of his guilt and will a determined sister and a grieving family finally get justice?