Hard to believe, but true.
  • Unrepentant Killer: The Life and Crimes of Peter Demeter

    In July 1973, when Andrea Demeter’s was three, her mother was brutally murdered in the garage of their Mississauga home. It wasn’t the type of violent crime the small suburban police force was accustomed to, but they soon narrowed in on a prime suspect. Years later Andrea would discover much more about what happened on the warm summer evening and who was responsible for her mother’s murder. The answers would haunt her for the rest of her life and force her to never stop looking over her shoulder.

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  • An eight-part true crime documentary series.

    Where are you Mrs.Dick

    She was accused of killing her husband and dismembering his corpse. She was accused of strangling her newborn infant and encasing his body in a cement. She was given a life sentence and sent to prison But… She only served eleven years of that life sentence She was given a new identity, new home and a new job She was given a royal pardon by the federal government Then… She simply disappeared. This podcast relives one of the most publicized murder cases in Canadian criminal history and asks the one question, no one has been able to answer in sixty-two years – Where are you Mrs. Dick?

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