Ep. 2: Trail of Pain - The Crimes of Albert Johnson Walker

Crimes of Albert Johnson

Trail of Pain – The Crimes of Albert Johnson Walker Ep. 2

The British police have just arrested a man and his wife for suspected identity theft and possible murder. The man has been using the name of his friend who turned up dead in a fisherman’s net off Devon, England. But it turns out that identity fraud and murder are just the tip of a very extensive web of lies and deceit that goes back many years.

The English police have nabbed #4 on Interpol’s most wanted list and his real name is Albert Johnson Walker. He’s been missing from Canada for six years along with his fifteen-year-old daughter Sheena. But since disappearing together the father and daughter have been living as husband and wife and she has given birth to two children.

Albert Walker will stand trial for murder but will his daughter testify against him? And if she does what dark family secrets will finally be revealed?