Pushed to the Limit: The Jane Stafford Story EP 1

Pushed to the Limit

Pushed to the Limit: The Jane Stafford Ep. 1

When a headless corpse is found on a deserted dirt road in rural Nova Scotia the local RCMP are certain it’s the body of the town’s resident bully, Billy Stafford. He’s been a thorn in the cop’s side for years and they doubt anyone is going to miss him but they still need to figure out who pulled the trigger.

When Billy’s common-law wife Jane is arrested three days later she quickly confesses, but claims she was acting in self-defence. After six years of unimaginable abuse and fearing for her life, Jane finally snapped.

Her story will make headlines across the country and ignite a much-needed debate about domestic violence and how the Canadian criminal justice system deals with abusers and their victims. Was Jane justified in her actions and what price will she ultimately pay for fighting back?