Barwin’s Babies Ep: 1

Barwin’s Babies Ep. 1

For decades Dr. Norman Barwin was revered as a miracle worker. His specialty for helping women and couples who had issues with conceiving their own babies earned him the nickname The Baby Whisperer.

The walls of his offices at the Broadview Fertility Clinic in Ottawa were covered with photos of the babies that resulted from his treatments.

But in the early 2000s, his reputation would begin to unravel. It started with two lawsuits that exposed major issues with how sperm was allegedly mixed up because of lax standards in his clinic. Children were conceived using sperm that was not that of the chosen donors.

And when those lawsuits brought further scrutiny from couples and the children conceived through his lab, a shocking betrayal would unfold, resulting in the loss of his license to practice medicine, and a multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit.