Failing Zachary – A Murder Most Preventable Ep 1

Episode 1

When David and Kate Bagby were told their 28-year-old son Andrew had been murdered they were devastated. Andrew was a well respected family doctor who had just begun his career after years of study. Now he was gone and his ex-girlfriend, another doctor, had been charged with his senseless killing. The Bagby’s felt they had nothing to live for and even contemplated suicide. But when they were told that the woman accused of killing their son was expecting their grandchild they knew they had to do everything to protect that baby. When the woman fled the U.S to Newfoundland they followed her and applied for custody of their unborn grandchild. But when their grandson finally arrived the courts and social services deemed his mother, an accused murderer, a fit parent. The decision of the “experts” would have dire consequences and leave a couple already grieving the loss of their son destroyed by another death that was entirely preventable.