Fake Nurse: The Story of Brigitte Cleroux

Episode 1

In the fall of 2021, hundreds of women in British Columbia received a letter from the B.C. Women’s Hospital. It informed them that during their recent time in hospital, they had been treated by a woman who had posed as a nurse without any qualifications.

Apparently, the imposter nurse had a long history of fraud, forgery and impersonation. Her real name was Brigitte Cleroux, and she had spent thirty years taking on nursing jobs and teaching positions, none of which she was qualified to do.

But what did this mean for the women who had been treated by her? Some had experienced extreme pain during their procedures – pain so bad procedures were called off. One woman lost sensation in both of her hands for two weeks as a result of Cleroux’s botched attempts to insert an IV needle. And others discovered they were given inappropriate medications, including Fentanyl.

After finally being arrested and charged in Ontario, investigators began to unravel a web of lies and deceit that spanned the country. Exactly how many patients were treated and possibly harmed by the fake nurse and how did Brigitte Cleroux fool so many for so long?