Frozen Tears The Murder of Justin Bowers Ep 1

Episode 1

She was just going to be a few minutes, so Julie Bowers decided to leave her sleeping 11-month-old son Dusty in his car seat in the back of her car when she went into the bank. It was the afternoon of January 14, 1988, a bitter cold day in Kincardine, Ontario.

When Julie returned to the car Dusty was gone. It was a parent’s worst nightmare – a missing child. But for the young mother it was just the beginning of a terrifying ordeal that would end in tragedy and an arrest. Accused of killing her own son, Julie Bowers would stand trial for murder while her hometown struggled to come to grips with the horrendous crime. Who left a baby to die in the snow? Secrets and accusations would fly but would the truth ever come out?