Nightmare in New Jersey: The Bruce Curtis Story EP2

Episode 2

Four people have vanished after the July 4th long weekend in New Jersey, but when the bodies of a middle-aged couple, are discovered, the missing person’s case quickly turns into a double homicide and the hunt for two killers.

Within days the son of the murder victims and his friend are arrested and charged with murder. Scott Franz claims he shot his stepfather in self defense while his Canadian friend Bruce Curtis says he shot Scott’s mom by accident. Who will a jury believe, and will justice ultimately be served?

Nightmare in New Jersey: The Bruce Curtis Story EP1

Episode 1

It was supposed to be a fun summer holiday. Nova Scotia teenager Bruce Curtis was going to spend the July 4th long weekend with his American friend Scott Franz. The two eighteen-year-olds had just graduated from a prestigious private school and were looking forward to hanging out together on the fabled New Jersey Shore. But while Scott bragged about being rich to his Canadian friend, the reality of his homelife is anything but. Scott lives with his mom and stepfather who is a violent man. He keeps loaded guns in the house and isn’t afraid to use them.

Within a couple of days Bruce realizes that he and his friend need to leave the house in New Jersey before anything serious happens. They’ll drive back to Nova Scotia. But in one fateful moment everything changes. Now four people are missing and blood stains in the house indicate a violent struggle. Now the local police aren’t sure if they’re investigating a murder, a kidnapping or both?