Let’s talk about Evelyn – Ep 9 Bonus Episode

Bonus Episode

In this bonus episode, producer Catherine Fogarty interviews one of Hamilton’s foremost experts on the notorious Evelyn Dick. Sarah Farr has been researching Evelyn’s story for several years and hosts a Facebook group called the Evelyn Dick Files. Sarah has some unique thoughts and theories about the murder of John Dick and what eventually happened to his former wife. Catherine and Sarah may differ in their opinions about Evelyn and her criminal misdeeds, but they certainly never tire of talking about her.

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Model Prisoner – Ep 8

Episode Eight

Evelyn Dick may have escaped the hangman’s noose, but her star lawyer, JJ Robinette isn’t able to keep her out of prison. Evelyn is finally sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her infant son. But how will the soft-spoken, genteel Evelyn survive in Kingston Penitentiary for women? Surprisingly Evelyn adjusts well to her less than glamorous surroundings and eventually catches the eye of someone on the parole board who sees Evelyn as a model prisoner. Evelyn’s good looks and charm have always benefited her, and now they may just help her to get out of jail and create an entire new life for herself.

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Appeal – Ep 7

Episode Seven

Sentenced to hang for the murder of her husband, Evelyn Dick has only three months to live. She has one chance to appeal her conviction, and she’s going to have to rely on a new lawyer.
Can an inexperienced criminal lawyer convince a twelve-man jury that Evelyn Dick had nothing to do with her husband’s murder despite overwhelming evidence and the damning testimony of her own mother.? The gallows are being built, but will Evelyn Dick walk up those steps to her death?

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Tightening the Noose – Ep6

Episode Six

As the John Dick murder trial gets underway, the photogenic Evelyn Dick becomes a media star. Every newspaper in the country is jostling for the latest scoop about what the accused is wearing and whether she will take the stand in her own defence? With her own mother set to testify against her, Evelyn’s chances of beating a murder wrap are looking grim. And if she is convicted, she could face the hangman.

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Bill Did It! – Ep 5

Episode Five

While investigating the murder of John Dick, the police make a startling discovery in Evelyn’s home. They find the mummified remains of an infant boy that Evelyn had given birth to eighteen months prior. At the time of his birth, Evelyn told her mother she had given the baby up for adoption. While it looks like Evelyn will be charged with two murders, she’s still talking to the police and still trying to put the blame on others.

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Remnants and Remains – Ep 4

Episode Four

As the Hamilton police question Evelyn Dick, about her husband’s grizzly demise, the young widow has an unbelievable story to tell about a murder for hire and a mafia hitman. And while Evelyn’s ever evolving story continues to point the blame away from her, the police
uncover incriminating evidence that puts blood on her hands. But Evelyn’s not done talking and soon implicates her father and an ex-lover in the murder of John Dick. Evelyn thinks she’s outsmarted the police, but how will she defend herself when another body is found in her attic.

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Torso – Ep 3

Episode Three

On March 6, 1946, five months after his marriage to Evelyn MacLean, John Dick goes missing. Ten days later, a group of kids out for a picnic on Hamilton Mountain discover the human remains of a man minus his head, arms and legs. The torso is later identified as John Dick and it doesn’t take the police long to narrow in on their prime suspect, John’s estranged wife, Evelyn.

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John Dick – Ep 2

Episode Two

John Dick is a Russian immigrant who works as a trolley driver for Hamilton Streetcar and Railway. At thirty-seven he’s living the life of a popular bachelor around town until one day a beautiful young woman steps on to his streetcar and he’s instantly smitten. Her name is Evelyn MacLean and three months later they are married. But John soon finds out his new wife isn’t exactly the woman he thought she was, and his hasty marriage will have deadly consequences.

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Evelyn – Ep 1

Episode One

A beautiful, raven haired girl is raised on a quiet street in Hamilton by her working-class, Scottish immigrant parents. But as she matures, her desire for the finer things in life drives her to seek out the affections of wealthy , often married suitors. Soon she finds herself a young, unmarried mother who is shunned by Hamilton’s upper class. She seeks out a respectable husband, but her choice in a spouse leaves everyone guessing.

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